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Some Colossal Blunders made by Deans and Faculties

A Faculty of mathematics advised, there can be more than one solution to an equation and hence we may get, x = 1 and x = +4 in one and same equation; but we cannot say 1 = +4 and so, we cannot clarify '0 = '. I replied that only second degree equations can provide two solutions to X and what I had presented to him then was a theoretic first degree equation and so there can be only one solution to X in that first degree equation. Also, we get the result of that equation to be equal to 0/0, the values of which range from '- ' to '+ ' at the same time each value coincides with '0' and so, '0 = ' must be a reality in such conditions. He stared at me; but did not say anything more about it.
According to some Faculties, the condition '0 = ' is purely philosophical and according to them the above condition cannot be observed with in the atmosphere or on earth; but you may see that the above conclusion of the article is not merely related to any philosophy or a fairy tale but is a universal reality.
According to a young scientist, the base which I have taken into consideration is purely imaginary and hence, any building built upon such a virtual base cannot claim its existence.
Another Great Faculty of Physics judged the statement '0 = ' to be not substantive; but my article reveals that it can actually withstand all requirements of physics with reference to the context under consideration.
A Head of Department of Mathematics of a University expressed his strong dislike that he could approve my finding '0 = ' to be correct only when the handle of a cycle begins to rotate. I humbly drew his attention to the remarks made by Prof. S.L. Loney only to result in his sharp retort, "But Loney didn't remark further".
A Head of Department of Mathematics of another University expressed his annoyance, "If you say '0' is equal to ' ' what is there mathematics in it? And what I have to do with it?" I humbly requested him to hand over my paper to the Physics Department and thought because that the centre of the circular movements of a needle in a clock remains to be zero itself while watching the circular movements of the needle in the clock perhaps he may feel, 'What is there mathematics in it and what I have to do with it'.
A Faculty in a 'Centre for Theoretical Studies' remarked that I should apply limits to '0' and '' because mathematicians are expected to do it. I replied that I have applied limits to '0' and also to '' where I could apply it and I haven't applied limits to '0' and also to '' where I could not apply it.

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