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Unbelievable Realities
Dear Reader,
  1. Mystery behind 'inertia' is invented.
  2. Zero unit of potential energy turns up about the same point to finally become infinity units of kinetic energy.
  3. Practical proof supplied to 'Parallel lines meet at infinity'.

Bouquet to Professor S.L.Loney.
'zero = infinity' is a real numberless condition and hence it supersedes theory of relativity.
Sir. Newton went wrong while he suggested the common center of masses of heavenly bodies; because many universal movements are gear like and there is no such a common center of masses in gear like movements.
Sir. Newton's formula m1/m2 = d2/d1 stands unworthy and the new formula m1/m2 = d1/d2 stands worthy.
'Free zero concentration of gravitational forces' yields endless rotations and those rotations can be utilized to produce endless energy.
1. The formulae of Newton on laws of motion, when applied to the condition described in the article, proves that 'zero = infinity' and hence the endless energy concept is practically correct.
2. The condition can generate endless energy without pollution or radiation.
3. The formula, 'weight x weight arm = effort x effort arm', when applied to free equilibriums where weight arms and effort arms are zero we see that work done is 0/0 that yields infinity resultant.
4. Gravitation ceases its properties within the limits of its gravitational field. Sun and earth being two big magnets and as the interferences of the gravitational attraction of moon do not create any change in the total quantity of the gravitational attraction of sun, earth or moon towards their center of mass, all the three heavenly bodies are assumed to be keeping up a 'free zero position' at their center of mass and hence the attraction exerted by sun cannot directly influence the center of mass of earth or the center of mass of moon.
5. Inertia is explained to be the resultant of 'free zero concentration of gravitational attractions'.
6. Infinity is introduced to physics. The index of Physics and Astronomy Classification Scheme does not include the code 'infinity'; but practical infinity in physics is hereby invented. Calculus is kept away from this particular context; because calculi are approximations.
7. Motion motivated by free zero potential realizes endless energy.
8. This is the only condition in which zero is equal to infinity and hence the theory of relativity fails in this condition mainly with respect to numbers.
9. The rotation, direction of rotation and revolution are viewed at realistic angles.
10. Free zero is introduced to physics and given its exemption from enforced zero. This particular condition is kept away from calculus because what here we deal with is an accurate practical zero.
11. We can draw any two circles in a particular plane such that they cut each other at least at two points. Here let us imagine that we draw two circles in a plane each with infinity radii such that they cut each other at least at two points. Then the two cutting points will be at +infinity and –infinity or otherwise the two circles will overlap on each other; because if we draw two circles in a plane with the same center and radius, the two circles will overlap on one another. So, two parallel lines in the same plane from zero to +infinity and zero to -infinity will essentially meet at zero or infinity. Hence, it is concluded that two parallel lines in a plane can meet at infinity and that, the same infinity can be considered as zero also. The graphical presentation of forces is considered as the best method for practical representation of the involved forces and here it may be noted that equal opposite forces in the same plane can be graphically represented as the forces concentrating at zero or as if the forces are diverting from the same zero with one and the same figure even if we interchange the directions of the forces. (Please note for guidance that the force 0 to+1 is +1 and also the force -1 to 0 is also +1) .'Parallel lines meet at infinity', the mathematical imagery is supplied with practical proof. Geometrical construction in statics to find out the resultant of two equal opposite forces acting at a point in the same plane shows that the resultant force is infinity; because as per theorem two parallel lines can meet only at infinity. Another theorem that deals with base and altitudes in geometry concludes that parallel perpendiculars projected from the same base line in the same plane will not meet; because our senses do not give us any distant point where two parallel lines will ever meet.Here we find that the point of intersection of the two parallel lines is at zero which is the starting point on the base line where two perpendicular projections from zero to infinity and zero to minus infinity can be constructed in the opposite directions. As the both theorems mentioned above are established, we cannot but admit that the resultant force must be infinity force and at the same time the resultant 'infinity force' must be 'zero force' also. In the article we see that the resultant force of two or more equal opposite forces which are acting at the same point in the same plane or in different planes at the same point is infinity rotations about the center of mass of the heavenly body and that it is a combination of 'zero force and infinity force'. Hence both the theorems 'Parallel lines will never meet' i.e. they meet at zero and 'Parallel lines will meet at infinity' i.e. resultant is infinity are simultaneously clarified with practical proof.
12. The direction of rotation of the planet depends on the inclination of the axis of the planet to the axis of its central body.
13. In this article it is arithmetically, trigonometrically, geometrically, graphically, theoretically, by vector analysis and practically proved that 'zero equal to infinity' is a reality regarding the newly defined position of 'free zero concentration of forces' though it is against the theory of common centre of mass of Sir Newton.
14. The free zero of concentration of forces gives a 0/0 resultant that yields infinite kinetic energy and as it is a universal reality and as it happens to be a numberless condition, ( in this condition there is a certainty to non-ceasing rotations about the same point; but at the same time there is an uncertainty regarding number of rotations about that point; but parts of that practical infinity can be measured accurately by the circumferential movements), the 0/0 condition can be absorbed in mathematics as the Quantum Theory of Mathematics; because calculus is approximation and in order to maintain the accuracy of the condition we must avoid calculus in this practical context of infinite rotations.
15. Kepler's third Law states that m1 d1 = m2 d2, i.e. m1 / m2 = d2 / d1 with an idea that there is a common centre of mass between earth and moon or between two heavenly bodies and later Sir Newton modified it with such an idea that there is a common center of mass for the solar system. The common center of mass that they calculated was imaginary; but the new formula m1 / m2 = d 1 / d2 gives us enough practical proof to the 'free zero concentration of gravitational forces' present at the centers of mass of heavenly bodies. The new formula does not give us a common center of mass at a distance d2 from earth; because there is no such a fulcrum at that point and you can see that there are frictional points, acting like the wheels of a clock, between the two free attractions of moon and earth at a distance d2 from moon. Larger magnet (body) must have a larger quantity of attraction and smaller magnet (body) naturally exerts only a smaller quantity of attraction which are proportional to their masses and hence the formula m1 / m2 = d1 / d2 is practically correct and we see that the above new formulae justifies the 'free zero positions'.
(The practical proof to 'free zero position' is given herewith as a Note to the article that you can peruse it right now on 'Free Tour Portion' without any payment).

[" The Center of Mass for a Binary System You think about it a moment, it may seem a little strange that in Kepler's Laws the Sun is fixed at a point in space and the planet revolves around it. Why is the Sun privileged? Kepler had rather mystical ideas about the Sun, endowing it with almost god-like qualities that justified its special place. However Newton, largely as a corollary of his 3rd Law, demonstrated that the situation actually was more symmetrical than Kepler imagined and that the Sun does not occupy a privileged postion; in the process he modified Kepler's 3rd Law.
Consider the diagram shown to the right. We may define a point called the center of mass between two objects through the equations
# Source from : http://csep10.phys.utk.edu/astr161/lect/history/newtongrav.html
What Kepler and Newton used here is nothing but the principle of a common balance. But as the movements of the heavenly bodies are rather gear like, just like the movements of the wheels of a perfect clock, the principle of common balance cannot be applied here. In a distant view the principle of common balance is worthy to be applied at the center of mass of heavenly bodies as per the quoted theorems. As the 'free zero' and endless rotations are proved in this paper it is also proved that there is no common center of masses for a binary system or in any system of heavenly bodies.

(But very recently somebody withdrew the above web page and the figure. Please refer to my book or see What's new in http://www.zerobecomesifinity.com to know what was there in the above web page. Though somebody withdrew the web page, it is a fact that scientists believed or many persons believe that there is a common center of masses between earth and moon and that the common center of masses exists some where near to earth. So, also they believe that the common center of masses of sun and earth exists somewhere near to sun. I stress here that there is no common center of masses between two heavenly bodies or among any number of heavenly bodies and that each heavenly body at its center of mass acquires and keeps up a free zero position constituted by its own gravitational forces. Changes made on 05-06-2017 by Author.)
16. As earth rotates within the gravitational forces of sun and as moon rotates within the gravitational forces of earth I think that using the repulsive properties of two spherical magnets we can create free zero concentrations on the surface of earth to achieve endless rotations.
17. When an article achieves tremendous progress in a specific area of science such an article is worthy to be published as a specific-area journal. The editors of CURRENT SCIENCE have commented in their letter (copy attached) with Ref: No.K662 dated 21st November 2002 that my article is better suited for a specific-area journal and hence I published my article as an E-book in May 2003.
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Note: I have analyzed only Fig: 1 in this essay; because Fig:2 involves philosophy.
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