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Let earth and moon be two free zero concentrations of various forces of gravitational attractions.
Let m1 be the mass of earth,
Let m2 be the mass of moon,
Let d be the distance between earth and moon, so that d1 + d2 = d, where d1 is the distance of effective gravitational attraction of earth towards moon and d2 be the distance of effective gravitational attraction of moon towards earth.
Then the distances d1 and d2 may be calculated by the formula given below:-
m1/ m2 = d1/ d2
(Mass of earth is 80 times larger than that of moon and d1 is d - d2 where d = 384000 kms). ie
80/1 = (384000 – d2)/d2
80d2 = 384000 – d2
81d2 = 384000
d2 = 384000/81
    = 4741 kms.
In the year 1967, I had calculated the above facts regarding sun and earth and had found the formula to be satisfactory. When America explored moon in 1969, I ascertained the above formula to be correct with reference to earth and moon also; because papers had reported that the crew of the spaceship began to feel the gravitational attraction of moon when they reached at a distance of about 5000 kms away from moon. [In the voyage of the spaceship from earth to moon the crew felt the fulcrum only at a distance of d2 from moon and not at a distance of d2 from earth. So, formulae of Kepler and Newton regarding the calculation of common centre of masses at d2 from earth (both had said and everybody believed that the common centre of masses is somewhere at a point near to earth) practically fail and hence the application of their formula for the common centre of masses goes wrong while the new formula proves that there is a balancing wheel only at a distance of d2 from moon and that there is a free zero concentration of gravitational forces at the centre of earth and moon and also at the centre of mass of each rotating heavenly body].