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Exceeding the limits of 'applied mechanics' so far known to physicists and scientists, an article dealing with 'theoretical mechanics' coming actually under mathematics; but related to the fundamental aspects of physics and astrophysics, the contents of which were prepared by me years back out of my private research that has been supported by documents in the form of acknowledgments and entitled as 'Endless Energy from a Natural Source'   (Previous title :- 'ON TWO THEOREMS IN MECHANICS'), which when slaughtered by the Universities and Institution of Sciences governed by Dronas is herewith disclosed for public scrutiny.
Any way I feel that it is my prime duty to throw light upon my article because there are the following strong reasons which make it vitally important.
1. As you know Prof. S.L. Loney has pointed out in his books that the '0' resultant we practically get when two equal unlike parallel forces cancel each other is not satisfactory; because on proceeding theoretically and also geometrically we get the same resultant to be ''. I have proved in this article that we get the '0' resultant on the surface of earth because of the massive gravitational fields exerted by earth on the resultant force and as it was pointed out by Prof. S.L. Loney we get the '' resultant itself while the centre of mass of a body is maintained such that it is kept away from all external attractions. When two forces, each being '1 unit', act in opposite directions and cancel each other, we get a mathematical '0 force' at the point of application; but physically the intensity of the forces at the point of application is '2 units' i.e. the mathematical '0 force' can be simultaneously observed to be physically '2 units' of force in the above condition at one and the same point. If the duration of action of the forces i.e. time 't' is '' the total force at the point of application is  mathematically  Ft  and is equal to '0' ; but physically the same Ft is equal to ''. The above '0 = ' condition can be universally observed in inertia if the forces concentrated at the centre of mass of a heavenly body are taken into consideration. As I was not having any laboratory facilities or even having enough books to refer I couldn't conduct any experiments to prove my claim; but as one among various methods I may suggest you the following:- 'An oval body i.e. a spherical magnet (using the power of repulsion between two spherical magnets a free zero position can be artificially created on the surface of earth) may be fixed in a position so that it is liberal to rotate freely about its axis and the body may be adjusted so that it should possess at the center of its axis a free zero concentration of the forces of attraction with reference to the horizontal forces of the lower, larger spherical magnet. The device may be fixed in a transparent airtight container and by making use of the forces of attraction and repulsion of the two magnets the center of mass of the small magnet may be made free from all external forces of attraction. Such a small magnet adjusted in such a way that it represents the earth and its free zero concentration within in the gravitational fields of sun should theoretically undergo ceaseless rotations and can be utilized as 'an endless power resource'. Trials utilizing a small spherical magnet and a sufficiently large spherical magnet to create 'an artificial free zero position of moon on earth' may also be considered. (Apart from the above you must think that the properties of the free zero position created by repulsion also must bear the same properties of the free zero position created by attraction).

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