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2. '0' in mathematics is different from '0' in physics and in the above condition the mathematical '0 unit' of potential energy at the point of application of the forces turns around and becomes physically '' units of kinetic energy at the same point.
3. By analysing the facts:- (1) sun and earth rotate about their axes and (2) the planets interfering the forces of attraction exerted by sun and earth do not effect the inertia of sun or earth; the scientists can ascertain that (i) heavenly bodies maintain a 'free zero position' and (ii) as no other force is active at the centre of mass, the theorems reveal that 'uniform ceaseless rotations' is the natural result of the 'free zero position'.
4. The result is novel and arresting and is broadly significant. Scientists can make sure that a body launched into the space begins to rotate about its axis and begins to revolve around the earth only when it attains a 'free zero position' and if scientists can keep a body in a 'free zero position' on the surface of earth, the body will undergo ceaseless rotations and will provide endless energy.
5. Mathematicians, physicists and astrophysicists all over the world will be eager to know the details of the result in which a real combination of '0and ' is obvious; because the condition '0 = 'where a practical '' gets mingled with a practical '0' is an 'open sesame' to the mankind.
6. The photocopies of the acknowledgments made by the different experts in mathematics, physics and astrophysics are attached herewith. The experts have not pointed out any defect with reference to their subjects. The letter from Dr. Robert C. Kennicutt, Junior Editor in Chief: The Astrophysical Journal, Tucson, U.S.A. may also be specially considered.
7. The result has not been published in any research journal or science bulletin so far. 'Mathrubhumi', The National Daily in Malayalam published a sensational report that my scientific conclusions had been waiting for a long time for the approval of the scientists. (Photocopy attached).
8. I have proved in this article that '0 = ' stands arithmetically, algebraically, trigonometrically, geometrically, graphically and theoretically correct and the equation '0 = ' has been proved to be correct by applying appropriate formulae in statics and dynamics, of course having given due consideration to Newton's Laws of Motion and other conceptions approved by the fundamental physics. When the movements at the centre of mass of a heavenly body is taken into consideration we see that '0 = ' stands correct practically also.

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